Short history

Infoart is a software company with more than thirty years of experience in business technology development and a team of experts with extensive process knowledge. The company has grown organically by continuously reinvesting its own revenues in new technologies and IT methodologies, people and knowledge.

Infoart was founded in 1989 by Boris Vuković and Borivoj Sirovica and today has twenty co-owners who are also employees.

There are three main business areas: Development and integration of own ERP solutions, Oracle expert services and development of mobile payments and digital services platforms.

Infoart is a reliable technology and process partner that has long-standing relationships with numerous customers and users from various industries.


Making ideas

We want to remain a dominant manufacturer and integrator of ERP solutions in Croatia and one of the leaders in the region of Southeastern Europe. Our goal is to strengthen the presence of our ERP solutions on the enterprise software market in Western Europe, expand the capacity and competencies of our Oracle expert services department, and maintain the position of a leading development center for mobile applications and payments in Central, Southern and Southeastern Europe.



years of experience




satisfied partners


of employees are co-owners

Different from others

People and interpersonal relationships are what sets Infoart apart from others. Infoart is not just a collection of elite software developers and architects, analysts and consultants with deep knowledge of business processes and domain knowledge. Infoart is a team. A family. One-third of the employees are also co-owners of the company. All of them are involved in the selection of technologies and methodologies that they use in the design and development of solutions that they implement together with users.

The office building where infoart is located, near “Petlja” in Zagreb, has a long IT tradition, as it was the first headquarters of IBM in Croatia, interesting architecture and is rich in terraces. Infoart has two, where you can often experience a relaxed atmosphere and rest after work, with the indispensable smoke and smell from the kamado grill and refreshments according to membership in of our “beverage unions”.

Infoart’s teams are carefully selected and consist of four to eight members. Each team is led by an expert who knows how to transfer knowledge and motivate people. The teams are composed of different expert profiles – from developers of all seniority levels to consultants who improve our solutions in daily communication with customers, business analysts and testers.

Infoart consists of development teams for ERP solutions (MASTER Team, MASTER Book, MASTER Grid Front Office, MASTER Grid Head Office), a team for infrastructure and Oracle technologies, as well as teams for mobile and payment application development, new technology development (FLOW) and a customer support team.


Protector and friend book fair in Pula

Infoart has been supporting the book fair in Pula for years. This cooperation took on a new dimension when fiscalization was introduced in Croatia – Infoart digitized the business of the fair in record time and thus made it possible to hold it. The organizers of the Fair do not have a large budget, but they maintain the quality of the content and program – they often bring Nobel Prize winners and other distinguished guests from the world of literature. As a friend with the status of Patron of the fair, Infoart takes care of technical support and the functioning of sales in “the largest bookstore in Croatia”. Infoart often acts in a humanitarian way – when and where it is needed. Discretely.


The Center for Business Technology Development

Zagreb, Hrvatska

BORIVOJ Sirovica
Board member
After surviving the new wave and his student days, his business journey started as a high school teacher. But in 1989, he met Boris who infected him with the virus of entrepreneurship and thus Infoart was born, an adventure that has been going on for 33 years, with the aim of transferring the good spirit of the 80s based on freedom, integrity, and responsibility of each individual to new generations and improving it with new ideas. As a co-founder, he went through all the stages of entrepreneurship with Infoart - from a startup where he dealt with sales and business processes with a focus on implementing ERP systems in medium and large companies, to finding talent, hiring new members, and organizing the business. Thanks to excellent colleagues who lead the operational business, he is increasingly devoting himself to strategy and expanding into new markets. He is a member of the Infoart Wine Syndicate and prefers natural wines, plans to plant his own olive grove, and is increasingly listening to jazz
BORIS Vuković
Board member
Co-founder. Together with Borivoj - a kindred spirit made up of numerous virtues he was, as he himself says, deprived of, he has been a key co-author of the Infoart story for decades. At the beginning, he did it by drawing flow diagrams and programming on paper. Later, on computers. He gathers various enthusiasts and creates a company that is a safe choice for those who want the best and value excellence. And yes, he loves nature. And sports.
IVAN Ćurić
Board member
Member of the board, in charge of everything related to the production in the Java programming language. He has particularly stood out in projects for Tisak and various Infoart jobs in Germany. He is the head of development. When he is not programming and participating in board meetings, he engages in an interesting hobby: writing quite creative job ads for Infoart.
MARIO Hegedüs
Board member
Executive director and board member. After studying business informatics at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, he immediately started working at Infoart and passed through all positions: working in customer support, dealing with analytics, consulting, and quickly entering the company's board of directors. He is an excellent presenter and speaker. Today, he is a key person in acquiring new clients.
JURE Rastić
Executive director of products
Product Director of the web, mobile, and backend teams. He leads projects for parking payment and other mobile services for Croatia and Europe. He is proficient in the Linux operating system and network service administration. He deeply believes in the idea of open and free code and is a member of the HROpen community. He is excellent at building and leading teams, has an ear for each individual, and constantly thinks about improving development processes and raising product quality. When he is in the mood (sometimes too often), he plays the guitar to his office colleagues.
DAVOR Gardijan
Executive director of technology and infrastructure
Davor has been in Infoart for twenty years: he has progressed from a trainee to a database administrator to an executive director of infrastructure and technology. He is responsible for designing and implementing a wide range of infrastructure and technological components of proprietary and customer systems (Linux, Oracle databases, application servers, virtualization platforms, Cloud platforms, etc.). He is a craft beer lover, enjoys running and racket sports. He likes to spend his vacations "surfing" on snow or sea.
IGOR Dodigović
Executive director of product
As soon as he joined Infoart as an intern while studying at FER, he joined the retail development team that was executing larger and larger projects. Busy with work obligations, he didn't notice that his internship had been extended so much that his mom jokingly promised to dance on the table when he graduates. This shocked him and he took a short break from work to graduate and continue at an even stronger pace. He functions best under pressure, participates in the biggest projects that he oversees or leads as the executive director of the MASTER Grid product.
Executive director of product
In short: Leo. He is the leader of the development team responsible for processing transactions of electronic services. He tends to work on projects outside the basic software packages offered by Infoart. He earned his doctorate four years ago at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, becoming the first Ph.D. in the company. In his free time, he cultivates his professional deformation of turning everyday problems into programming tasks, as well as an unexpected love for theater through acting, directing, and writing scripts for an amateur theater of which he is a member.
Team leader - MASTER Book
After graduating (in the late 80s), he worked as a programmer on IBM systems in large manufacturing and financial companies. In the early 90s, the newly formed entrepreneurs of the startup Infoart tried to convince him to leave his secure job at the bank and join them. After lengthy negotiations in local establishments at the foot of the Zagreb mountain, he received an offer he couldn't refuse. They offered him a salary and a Renault 5 Campus, resulting in the personnel transfer of the century. As the chief development programmer, he participated in the creation of several generations of financial management solutions. Today, as the head of the MasterBook team, he applies the vast process and technological knowledge he has acquired, which he and his young colleagues incorporate into the final product. The best confirmation that Željko and the MASTER Book team are doing a great job is the satisfaction of the users.
MIRNA Katičić
Team leader - Flow
Development team leader. She mostly works on solutions written in Java programming language. She applies her logical and analytical skills to analyze business processes and enjoys doing so. She particularly excels in developing modules for human resources, and is also familiar with services based on microservice architecture. She is the person to connect with Infoart's experts from various countries in Europe and Canada. She travels a lot. She picks mushrooms and often spends time in nature.
IRENA Blažević
Team leader - MASTER Team
Irena has been with Infoart for about fifteen years and has developed her career in the team that produces Java applications in the domain of human resources and payroll calculation. With brief excursions into other business areas that Infoart deals with, she always returns to this primary domain. She is a master at creating a pleasant work atmosphere, which is evident in the enthusiastic organization and participation in various social activities (Secret Santa, masquerades, etc.). Her team is also the headquarters of Infoart's newest union - the Chocolate Union. You may not have noticed her in "Dancing with the Stars," but Irena was once known in the wider Zagreb area for her skill in dancing salsa and other Latin American dances. Today, she rests her legs comfortably in an armchair, reading books and in the company of her family.
BORNA Belobrajdić
Team leader - MASTER Grid Front Office
The main person responsible for the development and improvement of Infoart's retail application. Team leader. You will often see him at numerous integrations with providers of various services (parking payment, public transport, etc.). As a football enthusiast and Liverpool supporter, he hones his ball skills at a weekly football session, organized and supported by the company.
ALEKSANDAR Dukovski - Web team
Development team leader. Affectionately called Duks. He is most involved in the development of a project related to parking payment in Croatia and Europe, which he has been a part of from the very beginning. He has honed his craft in creating webshops and custom solutions for Infoart's clients. He is extremely fluent in Python programming language. He automates everything that can be automated. He is wisely neutral when it comes to Infoart's beer and wine unions. In his free time, he likes to read and/or apply a good cookbook from the culinary or IT world.
HRVOJE Švagelj
HRVOJE Švagelj - MASTER Grid Head Office
Hrvoje was hired by Infoart without a resume - only based on the job interview. It was a bet that paid off well. Today, he is the leader of the MASTER Grid Head Office team. He participates in designing, developing, and implementing modules for warehouse operations, wholesale, production, and inventory replenishment. He also works on many integrations with external systems in the areas of EDI exchange and e-invoicing. He is the founder of the largest and most successful union in Infoart - the Beer Union. He still hasn't written his CV.
Team leader - Databases
Team leader for database development. He has been with Infoart since 2012. He has many years of experience working with different technologies and has participated in the implementation of numerous Infoart solutions, both on simple and very complex projects. He uses his free time for socializing with colleagues and friends, enjoying good music, reading various literature, and hiking in Croatia and neighboring countries.
LIDIJA Petričević
Finance and Accounting Manager
The head of accounting. She constantly proves to people that this is no longer a boring and dry job, but an interesting and dynamic skill that requires her to be a legal and tax advisor, psychologist, confessor, and sometimes even give medical advice and assist as a handyman when needed. She does all of this while calculating salaries and other income, reporting to the management on current challenges, and monitoring economic trends. She deeply believes in teamwork and healthy communication.