Solutions for Various Industries
Our integrated software solutions serve as the information foundation for numerous industries. We specialize in retail, wholesale, distribution, human resource management, and finance in medium-sized and large enterprises. All of our solutions have been proven in practice and are constantly upgraded to meet the specific requirements of various clients, using the latest development technologies.
Our retail solution enables the management of all business processes and functions of retail. It includes a module for mobile sales with built-in card payment and invoicing, can cover thousands of portable cash registers, and has the ability to integrate with various other solutions and systems (ticketing in public transport in cities and railways, tickets for events such as matches, concerts, shows, tickets for national parks, etc.). Infoart’s mobile sales application is tightly integrated with the ERP solution and has constant access to all processes, starting from warehouse deliveries to transferring goods from fixed sales points to mobile ones. The solution is compact and flexible, and has been proven in implementations for the sale of printed materials, bookstores, car dealerships, and other retail activities.
Wholesale and distribution
Infoart’s wholesale and distribution solution has been proven in long-term implementations in companies engaged in these activities in the newspaper, automotive, fast-moving consumer goods industries, and other industries whose global value is estimated to be worth several hundred billion US dollars this year. These are solutions for fast and quality digital transformation of wholesale and distribution business processes.
Public Sector
Infoart has participated and continues to participate in a series of integration projects for the digitization of the public sector, both at the state and local level. Significant savings and service improvements were achieved in all projects, as they were designed to meet the needs of citizens and business users, and all of this was achieved through close collaboration and synergy in integrating back-office technologies and automating processes between various ministries, government agencies, and local government units. Thanks to Infoart’s solutions, all of these entities are now digitized and exchange information with each other when needed.
Other Industries
For manufacturing and other industries, Infoart offers precise customization of its standard solutions for human resources and financial management, as well as specific solutions for utilities and chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Adaptable modules with proprietary algorithms are designed for complex organizations as well as companies with simpler requirements, whether they use other products from Infoart’s portfolio, products from other vendors, or require a standalone solution.

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