Top-notch business and technology solutions as a standard for medium and large enterprises
Centralized management of all core processes and functions, from procurement and sales to financial and human resource management
Our integrated software solutions provide the information foundation in numerous industries, regardless of the production process they are based on, the raw materials they use, the size of the companies, the development and type of products and services they offer.
Wholesale and distribution
Public sector
Other industries
The high integration of our products and the latest information and communication technologies provide the foundation for the growth of your business.


MASTER is an integrated solution for comprehensive business management consisting of a series of customizable modules designed for organizations of different sizes and levels of complexity. It is based on a unique database and includes management of financial and merchandise operations, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, employees, customer relationships, data, etc. MASTER is functionally and precisely configured according to the industry in which it is used. It is extremely scalable and adaptable to companies of various sizes and the technologies they use in their business.


The MASTER Grid solution is a comprehensive business analysis application with pre-prepared reports


The MASTER Book integrated solution set covers financial and commodity management, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, procurement, storage, etc.


A system for comprehensive management of all data and processes in human resources, consisting of a series of application modules.

As your reliable partner in the application of information and communication technologies, we will provide you with all the necessary services so that you can have accurate information at all times, know what new technologies can bring to your business, and have a fully sustainable and monitored information system.
Oracle Expert Services
Our Development Department consists of several teams of competent and certified development engineers for the Oracle ADF (Java) development platform – they are highly educated experts who work together to complete large projects within agreed deadlines while adhering to the highest quality standards.
Consulting and support
Our development department consists of several teams made up of competent and certified development engineers for Oracle ADF (Java) development platform – these are top-educated experts who work as a team on large projects within agreed deadlines while adhering to the highest quality standards.
Solution development
Whether it is a completely new project or an upgrade to an installed solution, our teams of competent and certified development engineers have the necessary process experience for it. Infoart’s experts are trained to model all elements of technical and software infrastructure (network setup, computer equipment design, servers and all associated devices, etc.), and users have constant access to a cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise system design and development

MASTER (Book, Grid, Team…) solutions are easily and simply scalable and upgradable, often becoming the main management systems at the level of individual sectors or entire companies. The system’s modularity and pre-existing domain knowledge embedded in the modules provide a particular convenience, as well as a scalable and robust architecture

Development of mobile and web solutions

Although a young team is working on these development projects, they have already gained extensive experience, enabling a large amount of data and transactions to be securely processed on a daily basis.

Solution integration

Modern IT systems need to be open to all types of integrations, both within the company and with other systems. Infoart’s experts perform them through various, often specially designed integration and communication interfaces.


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