Globalization, digitalization, and faster market changes pose increasing challenges in today’s business, which requires companies to manage all their resources and processes more effectively if they want to remain relevant and competitive.

The main tool for managing a company’s resources is ERP software, and one of the best solutions for this is Infoart MASTER – a set of finely integrated solutions for comprehensive business management that consists of a series of highly adaptable modules designed for organizations of different sizes and levels of complexity. MASTER is based on a unique database and covers financial and commodity operations management, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, employees, customer relations, data, etc.

Comprehensive Solution

MASTER is functionally and precisely configured according to the industry in which it is used. It is highly scalable and adaptable to companies of various sizes and the technologies they use in their business. Large companies require MASTER with all the functionalities – a solution that will cover the entire company structure, allow harmonious integration of all branches, and can manage a large number of complex business functions. Small and medium-sized companies need MASTER with a carefully selected set of modules, finely tailored to their business needs and which they can quickly and economically apply. In addition, MASTER is a solution that easily and simply adapts to all changes in today’s business and changes in individual business processes, as well as integrates with any type of additional applications.

Infoart’s MASTER consultants, in addition to system support, provide users with additional IT, strategic, and process knowledge and advice, as well as advice on redesigning business models and processes. This includes concrete and comprehensive consulting tailored to each client, as well as planning, design, and implementation, both for standard MASTER solution installations and for custom-made ERP solutions with specialized features tailored to their specific needs. MASTER is fully compliant with all tax and other business-relevant laws in all countries of Southeast Europe and the European Union.

The high integration of our products and the latest information and communication technologies provide the foundation for your business growth.


The masterGrid solution is a comprehensive business analysis application with pre-prepared reports.


The MasterBook integrated solution set covers financial and commodity management, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, procurement, storage, etc.


A system for comprehensive management of all data and processes in human resources, consisting of a series of application modules.