Solution development
Whether it is a completely new project or an upgrade to an installed solution, Infoart’s teams of competent and certified development engineers have the necessary process experience for it. These are highly educated experts in Oracle ADF (Java), .NET and HTML5 development platforms who work as a team to realize large projects within agreed deadlines, while adhering to the highest quality standards.
They are capable of all types of integrations, both within the company and with other systems, and perform them through various integration and communication interfaces. Infoart experts are trained to model all elements of technical and program infrastructure (network setup, computer equipment design, server and all related devices, etc.), and users have constant access to the set-up cloud infrastructure. Let’s repeat: whether it’s a completely new project or an upgrade of an installed system – we at Infoart have a solution for you!
The high integration of our products and the latest information and communication technologies provide a foundation for the growth of your business.

Enterprise system design and development

MASTER (Book, Grid, Team…) solutions are easily and simply scalable and upgradable, often becoming the main management systems at the level of individual sectors or entire companies. 

Development of mobile and web solutions

Native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, as well as backends and complex management systems for various business processes, are commonly used in e-commerce, reporting analytics, and similar areas.

Solution integration

Modern IT systems need to be open to all types of integrations, both within the company and with other systems. Infoart’s experts perform them through various, often specially designed integration and communication interfaces